Medication Used Review

Medication Used Review


  1. Prescribed medications, supplements and natural remedies, and medical aids play an important role along the continuum of healthcare, (preventive health, promotive health, curative health, rehabilitative health and palliative health).
    • These products are either prescribed by doctors, pharmacists or self- bought over the counter in pharmacies, and online.
    • The National Health and Morbidity Survey (NHMS) in 2015, estimated that there were 3.5 million (17.5%) adult Malaysians living with diabetes, 6.1 million (30.3%) with hypertension, 9.6 million (47.7%) with hypercholesterolemia and 3.3 million (17.7%) with obesity. These patients are on long-term prescription-based medications to treat their chronic illnesses.  Also the public is also prescribed medications for minor ailments such as cough, cold and flu. With the rise of communicable diseases, such as covid-19, more drugs are being prescribed for these diseases.
  2. Prescribed medicines must be taken according to the advice of doctors and pharmacists.
    • Patients with chronic diseases may be taking several prescribed medications each time. And many a times patients tend to get confused when they are taking too much medicines.
    • However, consuming these prescribed medicines without proper advice or counselling may be detrimental to ones’ health.
    • Patients may also experience side effects after taking the medications
    • Furthermore, Non-compliance to medicines may increase the risks of ward admissions, rate of morbidity, deterioration of patients’ quality of life, quality of work, and increase in medical costs.
  3. Besides long-term medications, there is also an increasing trend among the public to consume supplements, medications for minor ailments and other remedies.
    • The main concerns here are potential  drug-drug interactions, supplement – drug interactions, and also their effects on the current diseases
    • Also there are many unwarranted and false claims regarding supplements and remedies, from unverified sources; especially that which are purchased online.
    • The abundance and uncontrollable amounts of unregistered and adulterated products , online “rogue pharmacies” that are sold online has been a bane to the healthcare professionals


Medication review is a structured, critical evaluation of a patient’s medications with the purpose of achieving a consensus with the patient about their treatment, maximizing the impact of medicines, minimizing drug-related problems as well as reducing healthcare costs (Task Force on Medicines Partnership and The National Collaborative Medicines Management Service Programme, 2002)


Pharmacists as “Medication Experts”
Each patient is unique, with different kinds of health concerns, medication regime, allergies, social barriers and needs to be met. Medication review thus enables pharmacists as primary healthcare providers to specifically address these differences in order to maximize therapeutic outcome (“CMRs: What is the Comprehensive Medication Review? – Josefs”, 2022).

What you need to know?
Purpose and Function of medication.

  • Name, Shape, Dosage, Colour, Drug Administration.
  • The easy ways of taking medicines.
  • The positive effect of drugs.
  • Side effects of medications.
  • Contraindications the medication.
  • Warnings on medicine.
  • Interactions between medicines, herbs, food, and diseases.
  • The concept of 5B medicine: Proper use, proper remedy, proper dosage, proper use method, and exact time.

Get your Complete Medication Assessments
One of the benefits patients can obtain from a comprehensive medication review includes a complete medication assessment to determine if patients’ medications, both prescription and over-the-counter are appropriate for the patient and the most effective in treating their underlying conditions as well as achieving the desired therapeutic outcome.

Personalised Therapy
Besides, medication review also allows personalized therapy as it considers each patient’s health condition, demographic factors, lifestyle, barriers to adherence (health literacy, financial situation, language cultural); and other relevant issues that may influence their medication taking behavior. Therapy modifications are then made according to those factors with the best chance for success.

Person-Centred Care and Enhancing Patient Empowerment
Furthermore, patients will also be actively involved in discussion and decisions pertaining their medical care, empowering them to participate and manage their own health, promoting improved outcomes. (S. Michael Ross MD, 2019).

Topics Covered by Rhazes Pharmacists

  • Medication Management (Administration, Adherence, Storage, Disposal)
  • Medications with special monitoring (e.g Warfarin, Antiepileptics)
  • Medication Aid Devices (Insulin Pen, Spacers, Inhalers)
  • Medication Options : Generics vs Innovators
  • Target control of Disease ( e.g What is the optimal value of Fasting Blood Glucose?)
  • Self- Monitoring (Treatment effectiveness such as Self Monitoring Blood Glucose , Blood Pressure Monitoring, signs and symptoms , and issues related to medicine)
  • Self- Medication (Non-prescribed medications such as Supplements, Herbal Preparations for cough , cold, flu medications and painkillers
  • Lifestyle Counselling (Dietary Intake, Weight Management , Exercise)
  • Patients’ concerns related to Medication Management
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