About Rhazes Telepharmacy

Pharmacists  have specialized knowledge and skills which are acquired by successfully completing a 4 year professional course and a 1 year compulsory training at  government accredited centres. Pharmacists are governed by the National Poisons Board, National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency and State Health Departments in the Ministry of Health, and bound by Acts and Policies : Registration of Pharmacists Act 1951 and Regulations, Poisons Act 1952 and Regulations, Sales of Drug Act 1952 and Regulations; Dangerous Drug Act 1952 and Regulations, Medicines (Advertisements & Sales) Act 1956 and Regulations; and Ammendment of Acts. Pharmacists   provide patient-centric clinical services, guided by the concept of pharmaceutical care and cognitive pharmaceutical services, and focusses on the concept of medication safety, patients’ safety, rights and accountability.

Rhazes Telepharmacy is a unique and innovative value-added service that connects the public through the use of a remote state-of-the-art information and telecommunication technology  with Pharmacist Consultants, Pharmacist Practitioners and Community Pharmacists from various fields of practice to provide unbiased, accurate, reliable, and quality advice and guidance on health, disease, medication and current health issues.

Pharmacists Consultants

Pharmacists Consultants are specialists in their fields of pharmacy practices. These consultants are stakeholders, industry leaders, trainers, module developers, researchers and subject experts in specific areas of pharmacy. Having achieved recognitions and awards, their opinions and expertise are highly sought after by GLCs, the Corporate Sector, and Communities.

Pharmacists Practitioners

Pharmacist Practitioners are pharmacists who have successfully undergone professional certifications, credentialing courses, or have evidence-based outcomes for specific areas of practices. Their fields of practice includes Medication Management, Quit Smoking, Weight Management, Complementary and Alternative Medicines, Halal Pharmaceuticals, Mental Health, Vaccination Services and Diabetic Medication Therapy Adherence Services.

Community Pharmacists

Community Pharmacists are pharmacists who operate a brick and mortar premise, and as front-liners, are the most accessible healthcare professionals in a community. Their fields of practice includes Minor Ailments Services, Self-Care, Communicable Diseases, Non-Communicable Diseases, Point of Care Tests, and Healthy Lifestyle Management.

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