Weight Management

Weight Management

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Pharmacy Consultants and Practitioners on Rhazes Telepharmacy specializes in  weight management with proven results. Patients can now obtain accurate, personalized tips,  advice and motivations on how to lose weight effectively by consulting with our Consultants and Practitioners.

What are the interesting topics in WM that will be covered?

  • Causes of obesity and overweight 
  • Causes of underweight
  • How to lose weight healthily
  • How to increase weight healthily
  • How to maintain a normal body weight
  • Weight Management and Chronic Diseases
  • Dietary Intervention
  • Behavioral Intervention
  • Physical Exercise
  • Fasting and Weight Management
  • Ideal Meal Plans
Our Specialist

Leau Qi Hua

Pharmacist Practitioner

Ezlina Usir

Pharmacist Consultant

Santhanathan a/l S. Rajendram

Pharmacist Consultant

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