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Community optometrists are healthcare professionals who are skilled in detecting eye diseases, but in Malaysia, their roles are not fully utilised.

Rhazes Consultancy Services has collaborated with Nova MSC and the Association of Malaysia Optometrists to bring EyRIS’ AI Deep Learning Technology, SELENA+, to mainstream adoption in Malaysia.

SELENA+ will be deployed to over 1,000 AMO members across the country via Rhazes TeleOpto service, standardising and improving the range and quality of eye care services.


Here comes the product — EyRIS SELENA+

EyRIS SELENA+ is an advanced AI deep learning technology that uses non-invasive fundus imaging to detect retinal diseases. It has been approved for use by the Malaysia Medical Device Authority since June 2020 and is currently used in 26 countries.

SELENA+ can detect up to three retinal diseases, including diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma suspect, and age-related macular degeneration. In the near future, SELENA+ will also be able to detect chronic kidney disease (CKD) using the same fundus image.

The innovative AI deep learning technology enables SELENA+ to provide accurate results within 10-15 seconds, significantly reducing the waiting time for patients to receive their diagnosis.

Furthermore, EyRIS is continuously expanding SELENA+’s capabilities through its research collaboration agreement with the National Healthcare Group (NHG), which aims to develop a proprietary AI that detects melanoma using mobile phone cameras.

Rhazes Consultancy Services (RCS) x EyRIS SELENA+

RCS has partnered with EyRIS Singapore to bring professional eye care services to Malaysia through teleoptometry. Through the RCS platform, community optometrists can diagnose eye conditions based on fundus results and refer patients to ophthalmologists or community pharmacies on Rhazes TelePharmacy for necessary counseling. This ensures that everyone, regardless of location, can easily access healthcare services.

How SELENA+ works.

Retinal image using digital fundus photograph is obtained and is submitted electronically to Rhazes webpage.

The retinal image is then sent to SELENA+ for analysis using intelligent deep learning technology for early detection of diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration.
Assessment report is delivered to the community optometrist within a few seconds.

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