Knowledge Based Digital Health Service Provider

Enable the delivery of healthcare services from a remote location.

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Knowledge Based Digital Health Service Provider

The era of digital technology has led to an explosion of information on health, diseases and medications.
With the increase in the health awareness among the public, and the easy access of these information online, a few salient question need to be answers. Among these questions are:

  • Are these information reliable or accurate?
  • What is the actual purpose of these information? Is it meant as a marketing tool to increase the sales of their products?
  • Who are the providers or sources of such information? Are they qualified to provide these information?

There is also an exponential increase in infodemic (false, untrue and fake information) about diseases and its treatments / medications. This situation is very dangerous, especially when the public tends to practice self-care
Rhazes Telehealth is a new digital health technology service provider that connects the public with consultants, specialists and subject matter experts in the fields of healthcare. These experts from various fields of practice provide unbiased, accurate, reliable, and quality advice and guidance on health, disease, medication and current health issues.

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We will seek your consent to record the relevant demographic data, medical and medication history to enable our consultants to provide a holistic review of your condition and provide consultation.