We at Rhazes Consultancy Services Sdn. Bhd. (1325557-V) a company incorporated under the laws of Malaysia, (the “Company”, “we”, “us” and/or “our”) recognise the importance of privacy and the overall sensitivity of personal data and information. As required under the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“the Act”), the purpose of this Personal Data Protection Notice (the “Notice”) is for the adherence of the regulations set forth under the Act and shall at all times act as the official notice of the Company in describing how the Company manages, safeguards, collects, gather, and process your personal data when you appoint and/or engage our services, use or access our website and other digital platforms of the Company and/or interact with us in any capacity which includes through meetings, seminars, conferences, discussions and/or events.

Henceforth, by submitting your own or another individual’s personal data, you confirm that you and such other individual agree to the Company’s collection, usages and disclosure of such data in accordance with this Notice. Please consider that at this time in this Notice, we have expressed and provide fair and reasonable notice to you that in the event you do not wish any such data to be used in any such way as prescribed in this Notice, do not submit to us and/or any of our representatives any such data, but doing otherwise you hereby consent and acknowledge the existence of this Notice and thus understand and agree to the contents of Notice.

This Notice may be amended and/or updated from time to time without prior notice. By continuing to use or engage our services, usage of website and/or to communicate with us subsequent to any amendments and updates to this Notice, it shall be construed and confirmed your acceptance to said amendments and updates.



Personal data generally means any such information and/or data that may be used to identify you which includes but not limited to identification details, contact details and any other information which may lead to your identification.

The Company may from time to time collect personal data in the course of our services by which the data is provided by yourself and or your representatives and or by any individual on your behalf in which case, we will assume, until notified otherwise, that you have authorised the disclosure of such data to us.

The Company may also, from time to time, collect personal data through the access of our website and/or any digital platforms owned and operated by the Company for the purpose of communications, subscriptions and enquiries with regard to our Company and/or our services.

Personal data collected will be mainly provided by you, however some personal data may also be collected by us from other available sources which includes but not limited to credit reporting agencies, government department or agencies, public registries, websites, social media, publications, events, seminars and conferences for the purpose rendering our services to you and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements under the laws of Malaysia



Your personal data is collected and processed by us for our business activities which includes but not limited to the following purposes:

  1. To verify your identity;
  2. To communicate with you including responding to your enquiries;
  3. All purposes related to or in connection with our engagement;
  4. To comply with legal and/or regulatory requirements including court orders;
  5. For our day-to-day operations and administrative purposes including file management, billing and collection, audits, reporting, investigations etc.;
  6. For the purpose of enforcing or defending our legal rights and/or obtaining legal advice;
  7. To send you materials or publications including newsletter, articles or updates or information about events, conferences, seminars, talks which may be of interest to you;
  8. To promote, offer or market our services to you;
  9. To send as potential referees that may assist the growth of your establishment;
  10. To assist in the prevention, detection or investigation of crime or possible criminal activities or for the administration of justice;
  11. For security and internal audit purposes;
  12. For other purposes as may be directed or consented by you; and
  13. For all other purposes in relation to or incidental to the above.



Under certain circumstances, we may be required to disclose your personal data to third parties. Third parties to whom your personal data may be disclosed by us are as follows:

  1. Any person directed by or consented by you;
  2. Any person required for the purposes of the legal engagements and/or legal transactions including but not limited to counter parties, other advisors, financial institutions, regulatory bodies etc;
  3. Any person for the purposes of compliance with legal and regulatory requirements;
  4. Our data processors i.e. third party who we engage to process personal data on our behalf including but not limited to archival storage, data entry service providers, computer backup services, disaster recovery services, banks and financial institutions etc.; and
  5. Our professional advisors including but not limited to legal advisors, tax advisors, financial advisors, auditors, insurance brokers etc.

Further, we may also be required to transfer your personal data outside of Malaysia for the purposes and to such third parties stated in this Notice. The transfer of your personal data outside Malaysia would also be required if you are travelling, residing or based outside Malaysia.



We acknowledge that you have the right in deciding the information you wish to provide to us. The provision of the information listed above is voluntary in nature. However, please note that if you do not provide the information above or limit the way such information is to be processed, it may result in us not being able to:

  1. Communicate or correspond with you;
  2. Undertake the legal engagement or transaction and/or to provide our services to you; and/or
  3. Grant you access to our website.

If you request your data to be withdrawn and/or withhold from any usages, please submit to

Please note that the Company may impose administrative charges for any request as described above and that we reserve the right to refuse you request for any reasons permitted under the law of Malaysia.

By not informing us in such way, we will assume that we have your implied consent to use your personal data as prescribed in this Notice.