Dry Skin/Eczema

Dry Skin/Eczema


According to the Management of Atopic Eczema, Clinical Practice Guideline, Ministry of Health, 2018, over 20% of Malaysian children suffer from eczema

Eczema is also called Atopic Eczema (AE) or Atopic Dermatitis (AD). The term “Atopic” means the genetic tendency to develop allergic diseases. Eczema makes the skin red, thick, dry, flaky, and scaly and mainly located at certain areas of the body. It also develops intense itching that may result in broken skin and infections. Children may get eczema, very early, before 5 years of age, and most children will be clear of it when they grow up. However, in some children it may stay with them even as they become adults.

Eczema can be a burden on both the child and the parents as caregivers. However, with proper assessment, management and compliance to it, and with the support of professionals, both the patient and their caregivers can actually lead.

Rhazes Telehealth Consultants are qualified and experienced in providing general information to the patients and caregivers on various area of eczema.

What are the topics that our consultants will provide general information?

  1. What is Eczema
    • Diagnosing Eczema
    • Assessing Eczema
  2. Managing Eczema
    • What are the goals of therapy?
    • How do I manage itchiness (pruritis/ inflammations/ flare)?
    • What triggers Eczema?   
    • What are the appropriate treatments for Eczema?
    • Are there any Side effects of the Eczema treatments?
    • Are Steroids safe to use?
    • Ensuring patients comply to their treatment
    • Dealing with infection complications
  3. Can eczema be cured?
  4. How does eczema differ from psoriasis or fungal infections?
  5. How do I as a caregiver cope with my Eczema child?
  6. When to refer to Dermatologist
Our Specialist

Dr Hafsah Sazali

MB BCh BAO, LRCPI & SI PGDip Clinical Dermatology MSc Clinical Dermatology MRCPI

Associate Prof Dr Shariza Sahudin

Pharmacist Consultant

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