Happy World Optometrist Day 2022

Wishing all our optometrists colleagues HAPPY WORLD OPTOMETRIST DAY 2022 which is today!

On this eventful day, RHAZES TELEHEALTH has signed an MOU with MINARIS Risk Management , Chubb Malaysia, witnessed by the Presidents of MALAYSIAN PHARMACISTS SOCIETY, Mr Amrahi Buang and ASSOCIATION OF MALAYSIAN OPTOMETRIST Mr Ahmad Fadhullah.

Through the synergistic collaboration with MINARIS Risk Management, Chubb Malaysia, RHAZES TELEHEALTH has taken the proactive step to be the first Online Health Service (OHS) platform to provide facilitation between RHAZES’ pharmacists and optometrists, and MINARIS, for Professional Indemnity (PI) services.

The Professional Indemnity that MINARIS provides will definitely be of value to the pharmacists and optometrists on RHAZES to perform their online consultations in the most secured and professional manner. We believe that this synergistic relationship between RHAZES TELEHEALTH and MINARIS will definitely bring the professional value of pharmacists and optometrists, and the quality of patient healthcare.