1. Purpose The purpose of this Rhazes Telehealth Consent Form is to collect the patient’s consent to participate in Rhazes Telehealth consultation, and inform the patient about his or her rights, use of personal and medical information, risks, and benefits of Rhazes Telehealth consultation.
  • Rhazes Telehealth Consultation of the patient is conducted via interactive telecommunication technology such as online videoconference visits. The aim of using this technology is to provide complete remote consultation to patients. 
  • Consultation Procedure During the Rhazes Telehealth consultation, your medical history, examinations and results can be discussed with other health professionals. A physical examination on you may take place. During the procedure, video, audio or photo record of you can be taken.
  • Medical History and Records The Rhazes Telehealth Consultations is protected by the law regarding your medical history and records. The TeleConsultations between you and your Healthcare Professionals may be recorded. The recorded version wiil not be shared without your consent.  
  • Confidentiality Patient information is kept private and protected by the existing federal and state laws. The online healthcare facility is using HIPAA compliant videoconference tools and software to provide Rhazes telehealth consultation. Existing laws regarding patient’s access to medical records or information are applied to Rhazes Telehealth consultation. The medical information of patients can be used for further treatment research and for educational purpose without the exposure of the identity.
  • Risks & Benefits Patients are given the opportunity to understand the risks and benefits of the consultations. Any complaints or ideas on improving can be made through emails to Rhazes TeleHealth
  • Patient Rights Patients can choose to withdraw at any given time from the consultations .